Did you know that by age three, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some signs of periodontal disease? It’s not just about bad breath: this condition can significantly impact a pet’s quality of life, causing mouth pain, tooth loss, and eventually, serious illness. It can also make it difficult for pets to eat and even take years off their life.

That’s why we’re offering a sweet dental deal in February to put your pet on the path to good dental health. 

Take $35 OFF Any Grade Pet Dental - Goshen Animal Clinic

Book your pet’s dental anytime between now and February 29th and you’ll SAVE $35 on your pet’s dental cleaning – no matter what the dental grade!

We believe regular oral care is essential to a pet’s good health, and want to make sure your animal companion’s dental issues don’t progress to the point that they become a more serious and expensive problem.

Have questions about our dental services or ready to book your pet’s dental cleaning? Give us a call at 502-228-1827 to take advantage of these great winter dental savings!