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Thank you for considering us for your pet’s health care! Please feel free to browse and explore, as well as to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our comprehensive veterinary services.

Our goal at Goshen Animal Clinic is to provide the highest quality veterinary care for pets and exceptional service to their families. We have an unrivaled commitment to our patients and clients, and demonstrate this by investing in continuing education, adopting of technological advancements, and most importantly by administering compassionate care to all pets entrusted to us.

Goshen Animal Clinic Mission Statement:

At Goshen Animal Clinic, our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care available. This is accomplished by using state of the art diagnostic tools, progressive treatment options and dedicated time for each of our patients. We will give every client the education they need to care for their pet at home and provide them with services that will optimize their pet ownership experience. All of these services are to be provided in a clean, hygienic environment that is conducive to the health of our patients. In addition to our clinical services, we will strive to be at the fore front of customer service. We will provide ancillary services that add convenience for our clients and full-service care for our patients.