Client Information

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Welcome to Goshen Animal Clinic! If you’re a new client, please check out the information below that will help your first appointment go as smoothly as possible.

What to Expect

Our mission at Goshen Animal Clinic is to provide the highest quality veterinary care available. This is accomplished by using state of the art diagnostic tools, progressive treatment options and dedicated time for each of our patients. We will give every client the education they need to care for their pet at home and provide them with services that will optimize their pet ownership experience. All these services are provided in a clean environment that is conducive to the health of our patients.

We recommend that for your convenience, you fill out our New Patient Registration Form prior to your appointment.

Once you arrive, you can check in with our reception desk. We ask that all cats be in carriers and all dogs be leashed in our waiting area. We know that many pets are anxious at the vet, so we recommend that you cover your cat’s carrier with a towel. To put your dog at ease, we may offer some treats. Let us know if you don’t wish your pet to have these.

For your pet’s first appointment with us, you can expect to spend about [estimated time] with the veterinarian. Please feel free to bring any and all questions about your pet’s care and health—we want to be a trusted partner in your animal companion’s well-being!