Scratching, licking, chewing, sneezing. These are all signs that your pet could have an allergy.

Dogs and cats can contract an allergy at any time during their lives—they can even be born with it. Allergies occur when a pet’s immune system tries to rid the body of substances the pet ingests, breathes in, or contacts via the skin. The immune system will naturally take steps to remove the substance from the body in the form of skin problems, digestive troubles, or breathing difficulties. Just like people, pets can have allergies to external sources such as pests like fleas, certain chemicals, or to certain ingredients in their food or treats.

Allergies can be miserable for pets and lead to secondary infections and other issues, which is why a veterinary exam and testing is essential. The use of medication may be helpful in stopping symptoms from occurring until our veterinarian can pinpoint exactly what is causing the reaction.

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