Why is the Lyme disease vaccine important? Here in Kentucky we have LOTS of ticks. Over 1000 dogs tested positive for the disease last year, and Lyme isn’t even the most common tick-borne illness: the Kentucky Department of Health and Human Services reports that our state has one of the highest rates of ehrlichiosis, which can cause fever, headache, chills and muscle pain in pets and people.

Because winters here usually don’t have enough sustained cold weather to kill off insect parasites, Goshen Animal Clinic advises that your dog and cat be on year-round flea and tick preventive. We usually recommend Bravecto because one dose lasts for three months—but we’ll be happy to talk with you about what options might be best for your individual pet.

During the month of August, Goshen Animal Clinic is offering a money-saving way to protect your pet from Lyme disease: buy the vaccine for your pet and get the required booster vaccine for free!

Free Booster Vaccine

Relying on preventatives alone may not be enough, however. That’s why we also suggest that most dogs that spend any time outdoors have the Lyme vaccine as well. Book an appointment for your pet today to get maximum tick and Lyme disease protection for less—call 502-228-1827 today!