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We want to make caring for your animal companions as convenient (and fun) as possible, so we have our own Goshen Animal Clinic Vet2Pet app! With the Vet2Pet app, you can:

  • Request appointments, medication refills and prescription food right from your phone
  • Receive hospital and pet health notifications & updates
  • Send us a selfie of your animal BFF that we might share on our social media and in the office

You can also share your app with other family members, so if you have several pets in the household and more than one person caring for those pets, you’ll be able to sync up and ensure nothing gets missed.

The Goshen Animal Clinic Vet2Pet app is FREE and available for iOS or Android. Once you download it, you can personalize it for your pets and get started right away!

Click the links below to download our app for iOS in the App Store and on Google Play!

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